Chetan Parmar

👋 Hi there! I'm an Experienced Performance and Growth Marketing Specialist with experience in Web and Mobile App Marketing Platforms.

With a strong understanding of Web Analytics and App analytics, I have been able to successfully manage campaigns across B2B or business-to-business (B2C).

I am an expert at building funnels that are optimized for conversion. I can create strategies using Search, Display Programmatic and Social advertising channels to get your business noticed on the internet!

The future is now! We can automate tedious tasks in performance marketing that take up so much of our time. I'm on a mission to make this happen through Python, Excel VBA's and Google Ad Scripts. I believe that automating repetitive tasks not only saves us time, but also makes us better marketers. When we're not bogged down with the mundane, we can focus on strategy and creativity.

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What I do

  • Performance Marketing

  • App Marketing

  • App Analytics

  • Web Analytics

  • Display Ads

  • Tag Manager

  • Marketing Automation

  • CRO

  • Marketing Analytics

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